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Used Car Pre Purchase Inspection

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Inspect That Used Car Before Buying

Next to your home, your car or truck is usually the second largest purchase you will make. Shouldn’t you have it checked over & evaluated by the experts at Prestige Auto Repair in Bernardsville BEFORE you buy it?

Wouldn’t you like to know:

  • If it’s been in an accident & repaired?
  • If the undercarriage is severely rusted from road salt during these harsh winters?
  • If it’s in need of major repairs?
  • If the brakes are rusted from sitting on the Dealer lot?
  • If all systems are working properly?

In about 1 hour, Prestige Auto Repair can answer all of these questions

“Don’t worry, it’s got a clean CARFAX report”

  • CARFAX is only as reliable as the information it buys
  • Accidents without a police report, clean CARFAX
  • Accidents repaired not run through insurance, clean CARFAX
  • We have found numerous cars that have had major bodywork & have a clean CARFAX

“Don’t worry, it’s a pre-owned CERTIFIED car”

  • We have found numerous cars that have had bodywork and are also in need of repairs but are CERTIFIED
  • We have seen vehicles with different size wheels on the same car
  • We have seen vehicles in need of repairs & with systems not working